Peter Rosin has been committed to animal welfare since the 1980s. Over the years, he has always found ways beyond conventional medicine to effectively help his patients and has developed extraordinary expertise in the process. Where others dug trenches between conventional medicine and complementary medicine, he built bridges.
Peter Rosin regards this basic idea as his legacy. Carrying on this legacy is the foremost task of the non-profit Peter Rosin Foundation. To a large extent, the Peter Rosin Foundation supports research and development to generate knowledge that helps to resolve the supposed contradiction between classic and alternative veterinary medicine, and thus shows veterinarians the best possible treatment methods for their patients.
A wide range of animal, environmental and nature conservation projects are also the focus of the foundation's activities. The commitment to society as a whole, for which Peter Rosin has been known for years, is also reflected in the foundation and will be further expanded.
The financial endowment of the foundation comes exclusively from Peter Rosin's own funds. There is no cooptation by interest groups. Donations from independent persons who feel connected to the purpose of the foundation are welcome.

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Komplementärmedizin und Forschung

»Alternativmedizinische Verfahren schulmedizinisch erklärt« - ein Vortrag von Peter Rosin

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Bulldoggen - Vergesellschaftung mehrerer Fehlanlagen

»Nur weil sie es alle haben ist es nicht gesund: Bulldoggen und ihre bekannten und weniger bekannten, erblichen Belastungen abgebildet in Röntgen und Digitaler Volumentomographie« - ein Vortrag von Peter Rosin im Rahmen des DVG-Vet-Kongresses 2021